Back Fire

Back Fire
Easy Readin’
I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the “Rodz Noir” stories. I’ve really enjoyed reading them. That Jimmy Nunzi is quite a character. I’m reminded of an author I read in high school by the name of Robert Sidney Bowen. I have a very difficult time reading because I suffer with dyslexia but your stories read very easy for me and flow very smoothly for me so I just wanted to thank you personally and say keep up the great work.
Jon Chester 
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Viva Gia
I have been following your rag since the start. I must say that the magazine, culture and rods are at an all time high. I pray to the gasoline and pin-up gods that it never dies! Issue #41 cover with Gia Genevieve is “Red” hot! Do your best to see she gets another shot in your mag. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Viva Las Vegas 13, but I’m already making plans to go next year. Keep it up and I will see you there.
Mike Stutzman 
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