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I am about to build my second flathead 265 Chrysler. I will be running headers, Edgy head and cam (.410 lift and 260 duration), Edmunds intake, balanced, port matched intake and exhaust. On this one I would like to try the 237 8” connecting rods with custom pistons. Has anyone actually tried this? I do see it mentioned.

Also, I cannot find in my manuals what should the deck height should be. I did measure this one before I took it apart and the piston was .012” below the deck. Should it be zero deck height? I am getting my Edgy head cc’d so I can figure out the compression ratio. What compression should I be able to get away with on premium fuel? I am thinking of trying two Demon 98 carbs on this motor. It will be dynoed as well. This will be installed in my ‘38 Chrysler coupe and will be street driven. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


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