Publisher:                                                 Geno Dipol

Managing Editor:                                    Alan Mayes

Associate Editor:                                    Gennaro "Chicago Greaser" Sepe

Feature Editor:                                        Anna "Heelz Hi-Carz Lo" Marco

Roving Writers                                        Dave "D.L." Labrava
                                                                   Bob Clarke
                                                                   Eddie "Tbird" Donato
                                                                   Chadly Johnson

Tech Consultants:                                  Josh Mills
                                                                   Greezy Hood                                                                   

                                                                   Bo Huff

Kultural Kommentary Columnist         "Cadillac Joe" Vincent

Merchandise Manager:                          Barbi Bennett

Promotions Consultant:                        Henry Clay

Accounting:                                              Ralph Sanchez
                                                                   Padro & Company, P.A.

Legal:                                                        Kathie L. Russell
                                                                   Russell & Pressley, P.C.

Creative Director:                                    Geno Dipol

Art Director:                                              Pablo "Picasso" Colomban

Illustrators /Artists/Photographers:     Tick
                                                                   Kozik (When he is in the right mood)
                                                                   Max Grundy
                                                                   Mitzi Valenzuela
                                                                   Doug Mac
                                                                   Johnny Crap

                                                                   Mike Basso
                                                                   Jack criswell
                                                                   Jim Owens
                                                                   Roya Varga                                                                   
                                                                   Jim Owens
                                                                   John Larter


Advertising:                                              Alan Mayes
                                                                   Advertising Sales Manager
                                                                   PO Box 1928
                                                                   Tullahoma, TN 37388
                                                                   615-305-1028 tel
                                                                   615-523-1141 fax

Bulk Distribution Manager:                  Nancy Warrick

For all other queries, please email info@olskoolrodz.com 

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