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Rumpelstiltskin – Brent Vann’s F100

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1960 Ford F100

By DCImagery/D. Chartier; Model: Angelina Alcantar

Although Brent Vann has always had a love for mini-trucks, his love for old cars brings us the story of this teal 1960 Ford F100 long bed. At least that’s the way he found it. While driving home from work one day in 2009 Brent passed the truck sitting with a “For Sale” sign in it out in Redlands, California, and decided to make an offer. Brent’s vision was just to have the truck bagged on the ground and be done with it. With the influence of his best friend Aaron Benson, the truck took on a new vision. Losing longtime friends and making life time new ones, the F100 came a long way from the old long bed farm truck.

Chassis time

Laying the old Ford on the ground was always the plan so that’s where it started. Max Fish of Bio Kustumz in Winchester, California, took care of all the chassis work. The frame was shortened twelve inches, with the rear of the frame boxed in and pressure tested to hold about seven gallons of air for the tankless air ride suspension set up. The stock Ford nine-inch rear end is supported with a three-link and Panhard bar kit. The front clip off an ‘80s Chevy Camaro, including its disc brake setup, helps the truck handle through the burnouts on the 15-inch Supremes!

Shape of the Vision

Getting the truck low was always Brent’s vision, so right off the top came six inches of chop by Max Fish. In the garage, Brent and Aaron took the long bed and shortened it to five feet long. Along with the chop, the shortened bed gives the old farm truck a low and stout profile. The rest of body was also given a clean shave all around.

The paint scheme changed over time. It started out a matte brown metallic with the roof graphics done by Max Fish. Jorge Cubillas suggested doing the Sun Fire Mist Hot Rod Flatz on the body so off it went to Cesar Piedra at Freight Train Customs in Riverside, California. The finish pinstriping was laid down by Wild Bill in Riverside, California.

Powered Up

Brent, with friend Aaron Benson and Aaron’s dad Mike Benson of Benson’s Transmission in Bloomington, California, dumped the old drivetrain to make room for the new Chevy 5.3 LSX and 4L60E tranny. Max Fish laid in the new custom exhaust to exhale the burnt fuel.

Jorge Cubillas of Futura Concept and Design in Riverside put new bushings in the Camaro front end and with a little help from Angelina Alcanter (our gorgeous model and certified mechanic) took care of the new electrical wiring, along with new door actuators and then final assembly of the F100.

The Driver’s Seat

The interior was handled by Brent himself and Aaron Benson. The stock dash was completely shaved for a super sleek clean look. The only gage in the truck is a temp gage under the dash. The stock bench seat and floors were covered by James Mendoza at A&C Upholstery in Hemet, California. An ididit steering column is topped off with a gold flake 15-inch Mooneyes steering wheel.

The Name “Rumpelstiltskin”

The name came as an accident but stuck. Brent was calling Jorge “Rumpelstiltskin” as a joke because Brent would owe him his first born for finishing the truck for the Grand National Roadster Show. By the time the truck came back from Wild Bill, it had been named “Rumpelstiltskin.”

Thanks: Brent wants to reiterate his gratitude and thanks to Jorge Cubillas of Futura Concept & Design, Aaron and Mike Benson at Benson’s Transmission, James Mendoza at A&C Upholstery, Cesar Piedra of Freight Train Customs for the paint and body work, his club brothers of the Lords CC, and his wife Amy Vann “for never giving me grief for building stuff.”




Owner: Brent Vann

Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Builders: Aaron Benson and Jorge Cubillas

Vehicle: 1960 Ford F100

Chop: 6”

Other Body Mods: Bed shortened to 5’

Paint: Hot Rod Flatz Single Stage Sun Fire Mist

Painter: Cesar Piedra (Freight Train Customs, Riverside, CA)

Custom Paint Touches: Roof by Max Fish, Winchester, CA; Pinstriping by Wild Bill, Riverside, CA

Engine: Chevy LS 5.3

Tranny: Chevy 4L60E

Induction: Fuel-injected

Ignition: Electronic

Exhaust: Dual by Max Fish (Bio Kustumz, Winchester, CA)

Rear End: Stock Ford 9”

Suspension: F- Camaro; R- 3-link w/Panhard bar

Brakes: F- Camaro disc; R- Ford drum

Wheels: 15×7 Astro Supremes

Seat: Stock

Upholstery: Tan & brown cloth & vinyl

Upholsterer: James Mendoza (A&C Upholstery, Hemet, CA)

Steering Column: ididit

Steering Wheel: 15” Mooneyes

Windows: Door & rear by Max Fish; windshield by Akron Custom Auto Glass, Akron, OH

Taillights: Stock

Club Affiliation: Lords CC