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Summertime: Joe & Marisa Cuevas’s 1959 Ranchero

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1959 Ranchero

Words: Anna Marco

Photos: Mike Basso

Model: Destiny


Joe and Marisa Cuevas’ 1959 Ranchero is a Hoods CC showpiece!


RIP Sanchero

You may remember this 1959 Ranchero as it appeared in OSR #55 in January 2013, with a ‘flake and satin paint job by Tommy “Diablo” Herrera (Diablo’s House of Style). Back then, it was combination of satin green, silver, and black in a panel paint scheme of fades, pinstriping, and biker-style “psychedelic” tapelines. Offbeat upholstery with Zebra stripes was a contrast to paint. Chrome grille knobs and 3-inch gangster whitewalls finished the look.

As founder of the Hoods Car Club, Joe’s green theme was a tribute to his car club with chapters in So Cal, Central Cali and Ireland. After an unfortunate hit and run accident, this custom was completely revamped with a new interior and glossy paint as seen here.


Hello, Summertime

Marisa Cuevas recalls the decision to completely change the look of the car: “We drive our ‘59 and with chips and dings, repainting it was inevitable. We dropped it off to club members Chris “Turk” Turkett and Brandon Messer to work their magic. They had free rein with two exceptions: no flames or endless lines. We wanted to cut ties with the previous version of the Ranchero. Turk talked about gold, tangerine, and orange colors and we let him do it. We would get sneak progress peeks via iPhone or Instagram. The Ford now has lace, panels, a 1960s-1970s custom show car style with a late ‘60s early drag racing-lowrider inspired paint job. Taking it back to the Watson era would be a good way to put it. After we saw the breathtaking color, Joe named her ‘Summertime’ because she’s bright and beautiful.”


Hoods CC Familia

The Ranchero took eleven months to rework, with help from family and friends. Since the Hoods Car Club is tight-knit crew of like-minded folks, everyone gets involved in projects. Turk retained Doug Dorr’s sombrero wearing Flying Eyeball and later he added new touches to the dash. Chris Duncan and Joey’s Custom Wheel helped with hydraulics, Dave (Relics CC) kicked down a set of Cragar Star Wires, Damon helped with wiring, and Interior Paul assisted with pearl white and tangerine button tufted diamond tuck that was also utilized in the bed. The Cuevas kids helped out as needed.

The new version of the Ranchero debuted at the 2015 WCK Cruisin’ Nationals to rave reviews, validating that change was a good idea.

Watch for a project nicknamed “Bootsy” to debut next year.

Make-up and hair credit: Alyssa Calvillo



Owners: Joe & Mariss Cuevas

Location: New Cuyama, CA

Builder: Joe Cuevas

Vehicle: 1959 Ford Ranchero

Body Modifications: Shaved, louvered hood, modified bed

Grille: Metalflake background w/60 chrome knobs

Paint: Candy orange/tangerine/gold w/lace & panels

Painters: Chris Turkett & Brandon Messer (Poor Boy Productions)

Engine: Ford 390

Transmission: Ford FMX

Rear End: Ford 9”

Exhaust: Duals w/glass packs, bellflower tips (Super Muffler, Santa Maria, CA)

Intake & Carb: Edelbrock

Suspension: 2-pump hydraulics (Chris Duncan & Joeys Custom Wheels & Tires)

Brakes: F- Disc; R- Drum

Wheels: 15×7 Cragar Star Wires

Tires: P205/70R15 Firestone whitewalls

Upholstery: Diamond tuck pearl white w/tangerine buttons (by Interior Paul)

Dashboard: Stock w/Edsel chrome & dash graphics by Doug Dorr

Steering Wheel: Mooneyes